Explore Master's and Ph.D. Programs at
Shiv Nadar University

As one of India's esteemed Institutions of Eminence, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and research-focused education. Our postgraduate Programs in Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Management are designed to foster well-rounded development.

Our ultimate aim is to attain international recognition for our research and creative pursuits, contributing to improving lives and expanding the boundaries of knowledge. With a vibrant intellectual environment, we attract exceptional postgraduate students and prepare them for leadership roles in academia, industry, government, research laboratories, and non-profit organizations.

Ph.D. scholars receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 40,000 for the first 2 years and Rs. 45,000 subsequently for up to 3 years

Teaching Assistantship, along with a stipend is available to select meritorious graduate students

On-campus hostel accommodation is available at a subsidised cost

Tuition waiver offered upto 100% for Ph.D. Scholars and upto 50% for Graduate students

Master's and Ph.D. Programs

School Of Engineering (SoE)

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Full/Part Time)
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering (Full/Part Time)
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Full/Part Time)
  • Ph.D. in Electronics & Communication Engineering (Full/Part Time)
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Full/Part Time)
  • M.Tech. in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Tech. in VLSI Design & Embedded Systems

School Of Natural Science (SNS)

  • Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. in Chemistry
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Ph.D. in Physics
  • Ph.D. in Life Sciences/Bioinformatics

School Of Humanities and
Social Sciences (SHSS)

  • M.Sc. & Ph.D. in Economics
  • M.A. & Ph.D. in English
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Ph.D. in History and Archaeology
  • Ph.D. in International Relations and Governance Studies
  • Ph.D. in Sociology
  • M.A. in Rural Management

School Of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)

  • Ph.D. in Management (Full/Part Time)
  • MBA (Executive)
  • MBA (Online)
  • I-Global MBA

University Leadership